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Fuel Savings and Pollution Inhibition


This Fuel Additive, FA 6048, is a one-of-a-kind niche technology from the USA, which can be added directly to any fuel, be it Diesel, Petrol, HFO, MGO, MDO, etc., at any stage, whether in storage or in fuel tanks.

FA 6048 is being used by the US Navy for over 30 years and is compliant to all the relevant International Standards. FA 6048 is already certified as per ASTM D 975 and does not change any property of the fuel.

Fuel savings of up to 18% have been achieved in various cases where “FA 6048” has been used.

WE GUARANTEE 5% FUEL CONSUMPTION REDUCTION (MONEY BACK IF SAVINGS ARE LESS THAN 5%). This amounts to crores of rupees in savings for any industry including Shipping, Railways, Road Transport or individuals. At the assured 5% savings, customers will get guaranteed savings of 3% of the fuel money even after paying for the FA 6048 additive.


Reduces pollution by sizeable drop in CO2/SOX/NOX/H2S emissions by 20%.

“FA 6048” can be added directly to any fuel at 1:10000 ratio I.E. 10 ml in every 100 litres of fuel leading to huge savings in fuel consumption from 5% to 20% and reduces emissions of SOX/NOX/CO2 up to 20%.

Additional benefits

Customers can benefit in terms of Cost Saving in Fuel Consumption, Reduction in Maintenance Cost and Enhancement of Engine Life of the Equipment while reduction in Emissions will lead to earning Carbon Credits.

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