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This is an innovative solution for fire protection of car under hood space (passenger cars, trucks, special cars) as well as in your electrical Switch Panels housing your Fuses & MCBs. This comes as stickered wire that can be stuck to under surface of the car hood or inside of the electrical panel box. In the presence of flames/ heat /spark, it activates instantly and releases free radicals that suffocates the fire and cools the area in seconds.

  • Tech Specs
  • Activates by the temperature (120-150 ° C) and open fire;
  • Method of firefighting – fire inhibitor, cooling effect, oxygen ejection;
  • Time of firefighting – less than 10 sec .;
  • Mass of the product – less than 600 g .;
  • Exploitation temperature – from -40 till +80 ° С;
  • Not harms any parts of a car, safe for human;
  • Easy installation, no service required;
  • Expiration date – 5 years.

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