Post 9/11, global security concerns from terrorist attacks at high population density areas like Airport, Railways and other Transport authorities as well as Malls, Stadiums, Movie Theatres, Hospitals, Hotels and Office buildings has assumed utmost importance. Security agencies have to consider every kind of threat possibility. The rudimentary metal detector check and frisking may not always be enough. Explosive or Biohazardous material can be carried by undesirable elements in several forms and in several ways such as disguised in liquids like drinking water, fuel or chemical containers. Many a times time's dangerous goods, explosives or weapons can be concealed cleverly within stores, clothing and footwear.

To mitigate the threats posed by clandestine carriage of such items, not detectable by the standard X-ray or metal detector, our specialized and unique hand held LQ Test and Ratio Platform detectors are especially designed to aid security agency to detect the following :

LQtest 2.8

Special device used to detect presence of dangerous liquids in a container in a non-intrusive, fast and reliable way

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Capable of finding out any dangerous material, both metallic and non-metallic in the footwear

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